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Trading blackout periods

Bellevue Group has defined recurring trading blackout periods and may introduce additional trading blackout periods at any time.

During the semi-annual trading blackout periods, transactions in securities and/or related financial instruments of Bellevue Group are prohibited for the company, all employees and members of the Board of Directors of Bellevue Group as well as their related parties.

Exceptions to this rule are share allocations (no market transactions) to employees under «Long-Term Incentive Plans».

The trading blackout periods are communicated by «Legal & Compliance» to all persons involved.

The trading blackout periods begin at least 30 days before publication of the annual or interim financial statements and end on the day of publication of the financial results. The trading blackout periods are set out in Bellevue Group’s Regulations on employee transactions.

The trading blackout periods start on December 24 for the annual financial statements and 30 days before publication for the interim financial statements.

Bellevue Group will generally implement special trading blackout periods when the Company is aware of material developments that have not yet been disclosed to the public. For example, the Company may institute a special trading blackout period in anticipation of the announcement of a preliminary earnings forecast or a significant transaction or business development. However, special trading blackout periods may be implemented for any reason.

Bellevue Group will notify those persons subject to a special trading blackout period. Any person so identified and notified by the Company shall not engage in any transactions in securities and/or related financial instruments of the Company unless otherwise instructed by «Legal & Compliance». 

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