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2. Compensation policy

2.1 Basic principles

The following basic compensation principles apply throughout Bellevue Group:

All governing bodies and individuals at Bellevue Group with the authority to make decisions concerning compensation policies and payouts must abide by and uphold these basic compensation principles.

2.2 Pay-for-performance principle

The compensation system for Bellevue Group employees is conceived to motivate employees at all operating units to do excellent work. It is a compensation model based on personal «ownership» and merit system principles. In setting fixed salaries, a restrained policy prevails from a business point of view. On the other hand, variable compensation is offered under an attractive ownership-oriented profit-sharing plan. This profit-sharing plan is tied directly to Bellevue Group’s operating results. Moreover, part of this bonus is paid in the form of restricted stock awards and shares of in-house products («we eat our own cooking»). This system is conducive to a culture of high performance with a long-term horizon.

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