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Business Report Business model and strategy

Business model and strategy

A proudly independent company founded in 1993, Bellevue Group – based in Kusnacht/Switzerland – and its approximately 100 employees offer access to attractive and innovative investment ideas that generate value for investors and the company’s shareholders. We employ highly qualified investment specialists with many years of experience in the areas that are relevant to us – with a particular focus on healthcare and other growth strategies. As a «House of Investment Ideas», we know that quality and innovation are vital for creating value. We are constantly exploring and exploiting promising opportunities for value growth. Our teams are guided by an entrepreneurial mindset distinguished by mutual trust and creative autonomy at all points of interaction. Our strong convictions in the investment decisions we make is why we also have an active stake in our investments – and thus in the success of the clients we serve.

At a glance

Clear-cut strategy and distinctive business profile

Robust, time-tested foundation engenders trust and confidence during uncertain times

A forward- and growth-oriented strategy focused on profitability

Future growth will primarily be fueled by the investment performance of existing products, the development of interesting new products and the acquisition of new clients. We have a sound platform and clear strategy to grow on all three fronts.

Growing with our established products is a priority. Our existing products offer us substantial growth potential and the best returns. «Grow with the products» is only possible by maintaining and innovating top-quality products. Continuous investment in modern platforms and infrastructure ensures our ability to meet that goal.

A steady expansion of the underlying client base is also needed to grow with the products. Here we are pursuing various strategies to expand already strong positions in existing markets and to establish new positions in strategic secondary markets.

Reliable quality and strong innovation are the basic prerequisites for generating high value for our stakeholders.

André Rüegg

CEO Bellevue Group

Besides quality, innovation is another key growth driver. The development of innovative concepts for non-traditional and traditional products enables us to take full advantage of our business model’s growth potential. We therefore strive to expand «Bellevue Private Markets» and in other specialized areas.

The pipeline of ideas and products for the coming years is well-filled. At the same time, existing products or services that no longer have a truly distinctive or sharp competitive edge will be re-positioned or discontinued. We are not seeking growth in and of itself, but rather sustained, quality earnings potential with an attractive cost/income ratio.

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