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Dr. Daniel Koller, Head Investment Team BB Biotech, is looking back on the challenging pandemic year 2020 in a video interview. First he discusses the groundbreaking success of the biotech industry. It has developed successful and safe vaccines in record time and is leading the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic with these vaccines and therapeutic antibodies. It is therefore not surprising that the biotech sector has become the focus of investors. In addition, he explains why BB Biotech had already had invested in Moderna in 2018 and what opportunity he sees for the mRNA technology in the future. Finally he gives an insight into the portfolio and tells why he has added an «evergreen company», namely Biogen, in the portfolio.


«We had already invested in Moderna in 2018, when people didn’t know about Corona yet»

Dr. Daniel Koller

Head Investment Team BB Biotech

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