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Group Executive Board

The Group Executive Board comprised the following persons as at December 31, 2022:






André Rüegg


CEO Bellevue Group AG CEO Bellevue Asset Management AG



Michael Hutter


CFO Bellevue Group AG



Jan Kollros (CH, CEO Bellevue Private Markets AG) resigned from the Group Executive Board at the end of August 2022 to focus on the on the development of the private Market business.

Additional information on the members of the Group Executive Board:


André Rüegg

André Rüegg holds an MBA from the of the Universities of Zurich and Columbia New York/USA and attended various Leaderschip-, Executive and Senior-Executive Programs at IMD Lausanne. He has held senior positions in asset management since 1995. He built up global distribution at Julius Bär and led the unit for more than a decade, also as a member of the extended Executive Board. In 2009, he joined Bellevue Asset Management and was instrumental in driving its strategic repositioning. Since 2012, he has been responsible for its business as CEO. Since 2016 he has been CEO of Bellevue Group.


Michael Hutter

Michael Hutter is a certified public accountant and Business Economist HWV. He has held the position of CFO, COO and CRO at Bellevue Asset Management and its investment companies since 2008. Since 2020, he has been CFO of Bellevue Group. Prior to that, he worked for ten years as a senior manager in the audit division at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Further mandates of the members of the Group Executive Board are shown in the compensation report.

Further information on the members who left the Group Executive Board in the 2022 financial year:


Jan Kollros

Jan Kollros holds a degree from ETH Zurich in mechanical engineering and Production Sciences. He is the of CEO Bellevue Private Marktets and managing partner of adbodmer AG. Jan Kollros has been a member of the Bellevue Group Executive Board since 2019. He joined adbodmer AG in 2005, where he became a partner in 2009. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and business and production sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich.

Statutory rules in relation to the number of permissible activities of the Executive Board pursuant to Article 626(2)(1) CO previously Article 12(1)(1) OEC)

Pursuant to Article 32 of the current Articles of Association, subject to prior approval of the Board of Directors or the Compensation and Nomination Committee, the members of the Executive Board may each execute a maximum of ten activities, of which a maximum of two in listed companies. Excluded from this are activities in legal entities controlled by the company or which control the company. Also excluded from the restrictions are activities in foundations, charitable institutions and employee pension funds; however, these are restricted to a maximum of ten such activities.

The term activity in the meaning of this provision describes according to Article 32 of the current Articles of Association the membership in the supreme managerial and administrative bodies of legal entities which are obliged to register themselves in the commercial register or in a corresponding foreign register. Several activities in legal entities which are under unitary control or under the control of the same beneficial owner are considered to be one activity.

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