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ESG Foreword


Sustainability – both a responsibility and an opportunity

Sustainable business practices combine social and environmental responsibility with successful business results. ESG criteria are playing an increasingly important role in Bellevue’s business practices and policies. As a pure play asset manager with a global reach, our daily ambition is to create value for all our stakeholders. Our guiding principles of «independence, entrepreneurship and commitment» form the cornerstone of our sustainable and responsible actions as a company.

This ESG Report, which is part of Bellevue’s annual report, provides you with detailed information on our Group’s sustainability and governance policies as well as its material topics. We also report on Bellevue’s progress towards its ESG goals as well as ongoing projects and initiatives, both at corporate and product level.

In 2022 were again certified carbon neutral at Group level, for fiscal 2021. We also conducted a Group-wide employee survey to obtain insights about employee attitudes and motivation levels and about the general work climate. We are also pleased to have started a partnership with Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) in October 2022. Through this partnership, we are supporting SSF’s mission of strengthening Switzerland’s position as a leading advocate for sustainable finance and thus contributing to a green and prosperous Swiss economy.

At the portfolio level, we continue to apply our ESG framework, which represents our various sustainability approaches. We are committed to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) and continuously adapt our ESG investment guidelines to meet the latest requirements. As a responsible investor with a long-term focus, Bellevue supports all measures and initiatives that increase the value of the companies we invest in over the long term in the interests of shareholders and investors. These include engagement activities and the exercise of voting rights at general shareholder meetings. We intensified and documented these activities during the past year. In the report, you will find selected ESG engagement case studies that highlight the close contact our portfolio managers and analysts maintain with company representatives and how they strive to encourage the best possible corporate developments also with regard to sustainability factors within the framework of a constructive dialog. In 2022, our portfolio managers attended 583 general meetings and voted on approximately 7 000 proposals.

The following report was produced utilizing the «GRI index with reference» for the first time.

Sustainable and responsible business conduct is imperative and at the same time an opportunity to actively address the challenges that lie ahead in coming years – in the interests of our clients, shareholders, and employees and of society in general.

Veit de Maddalena

Chairman of the Board of Directors

André Rüegg

Chief Executive Officer

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