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Our responsibility

Independent – entrepreneurial – committed: This is what distinguishes Bellevue. We act responsibly. Strong corporate governance is just as central to this as sustainability aspects, whether at the company level or as an integral part of portfolio management.


Our most important asset are our employees with top know-how we work in small, agile teams that are characterized by high levels of personal responsibility and short decision-making pathways. The portfolio management teams are given as much freedom as possible to develop their vision and assume a high degree of personal responsibility. This autonomy enables them to act optimally and respond flexibly to client needs. What they have in common is a set of rules anchored throughout the company with regard to sustainable corporate and investment practices.


Full of conviction, we also actively participate in investments ourselves – and thus in the success of our clients: "We eat our own cooking." The equality of interests with the investors promotes discipline as well as entrepreneurial thinking and conduct.


We are performance-driven and passionate about pursuing common goals and believe in the power of respectful collaboration. We bring our expertise and competence to bear in important social issues and act responsibly.

Bellevue is committed to sustainable, responsible and values-driven business practices.

The graph below summaries the key areas where we apply our entrepreneurial responsibility and sustainability principles:

1 UN GC = UN Global Compact, UN GPBHR = UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, ILO = International Labour Organization
Source: Bellevue Group AG, as at December 31, 2021
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