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ESG Materialitätsanalyse

Materiality analysis

The materiality analysis supports the Group Executive Board and the management of the subsidiaries in in identifying key sustainability issues by considering the expectations and needs of external and internal stakeholders. Results of the materiality analysis are used to continuously improve sustainability management by sharpening our understanding of stakeholder needs and their shifting perceptions of what they regard as material sustainability issues. The materiality matrix forms the basis for managing corporate processes and helps to identify and manage potential opportunities and risks.


The materiality assessment developed by Bellevue Group and Bellevue Asset Management is based on the needs and expectations of the following stakeholders:

In a first step, the internal, cross-functional ESG analysis team consisting of representatives of Bellevue Group and Bellevue Asset Management AG mapped out the firm’s direct stakeholders and the channels through which the firm engages with each group. Informal feedback about the sustainability issues that each stakeholder group considered to be most critical was collected. Based on this information, topics for the materiality assessment were identified. In addition, the Group Executive Board and the management of the subsidiaries have some control were evaluated.

Bellevue's material issues

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