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Business Report Business Model and Strategy

Business model and strategy

A proudly independent company founded in 1993, Bellevue Group and its approximately 100 employees offer access to attractive and innovative investment ideas that generate value for investors and the company’s shareholders. We employ highly qualified investment specialists with many years of experience in the areas that are relevant to us – with a particular focus on healthcare and other growth strategies. As a “House of Investment Ideas”, we know that quality and innovation are vital for creating value. We are constantly exploring and exploiting promising opportunities for value growth. Our teams are guided by an entrepreneurial mindset distinguished by mutual trust and creative autonomy at all points of interaction. Our strong convictions in the investment decisions we make is why we also have an active stake in our investments – and thus in the success of the clients we serve.

Bellevue is a pure play, highly specialized asset manager with a distinctive focus on healthcare and other attractive growth strategies.

Expertise and innovation are what make us unique.


Creating value for clients and shareholders is our mission.

Our business model is straightforward, transparent and highly scalable.

Our financial profile is robust and low on risk.

Responsibility towards all employees, business partners and the environment is non-negotiable.

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